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My job is killing me.

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1My job is killing me. Empty My job is killing me. on Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:45 pm

Seems like hell has run rampant through the local Wal-Mart during my 5-day vacation, and ever since I returned to my stocking position there, I've just beeen run ragged. It looks like absolutely noone has worked the water/soda aisle that I usually do, and instead of the usual 2 or so pallets of liquid overstock, I now have fucking TEN to get rid of. I don't even have any endcaps or feature displays to use to sell this shit faster, since Easter merchandise is taking up all the spots. Ugh.

Hell, I hardly had enough strength to bicycle back home today. I apologize if I'm not enough due to the fatigue I'm suffering from (which sucks even more since 2x exp is going on). I'll still try to catch WoE though.

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