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Quit From RO, and i miss u guys already =|

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1Quit From RO, and i miss u guys already =| Empty Quit From RO, and i miss u guys already =| on Sun Apr 12, 2009 4:08 am

hehehe what's up DA!!!
u guys may have noticed that i'vent been online for almost 3 weeks.
well,, i just wanna let u guys know , that I QUIT RO already,, my grades is getting worse and worst, i cant manage my time when should i be studying when should i be playing hahaha .. "shame on me"...

also, i just realized, ive been abandoning my real-life friends, study, and also my GF since i played this game on november 08 LoL =P

anyways,, the thing that i regret the most is... I DELETED all my characters. coz i thought that's the only way for me to quit this game.
even i deleted my blacksmith, where all my money, gears, and everything were in that smith.

i know i supposed to give it to the needed hehe,, my gears and money worth around 800m - 1.3b, i had 500m cash on hand. i was gonna give all my shit to somebody at the last day i logged on, but no one was online , well there were 2-3 guys that online at that time, but they were all AFK-ing. ./sigh
i know that i should just mailed them to lorek, then it should be enough to be supplying 2-3 months WoE.. ='P


i don't think im going back playing RO again. since if i play this game again, ive to start everything from ZERO.. and also i might be fcked with my school again @_@

ima gonna miss WoE-ing with u lorek
gonna miss MvP-ing with u soy
thx for helps Genshoku
thx for helps ~Leya~
thx for helps Gandiva
thx for helps everyone =')

- g i p h i n - [ Ex- Assassin-Cross 95 ]

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and also if u guys has a facebook,,,
just add me @ , or type " giphin " in the search options =P lol

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aw man. You could have at least got me an Imp card before you left. Sad

But in all seriousness, I guess you shouldn't left life pass you bye, if RO is dragging you down that much.

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