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I miss you guys terribly

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1I miss you guys terribly Empty I miss you guys terribly on Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:38 am

Yo this is Kazajin the lazy minstrel who used to inhabit this guild. I highly doubt many remember me but by chance i was looking trough my faves folder and found this site. I have been away from ro for a while now sorry i havent really tried to contact anyone.

Anyways i ended up reading some post and was surprised to hear of so many people quitting or leaving. I dont know when ill come back to ro but im leaving this message in hopes someone reads it.

Giphin i know your gone bud, but you were truly
one of the closest friends i had in the guild and
i have plenty of good memories of you. You to
Clow, always intresting to talk to you and im sad
that your gone. Tho im sure its temporary, i will
still miss you buddy.

To everone else who helped me im i am deeply sorry
for my abcense but i assure you, had i any other
choice id be with you guys now.

Also to you Leya if by chance you read this,
i just want to say thanks for being such a great
friend and bothering with this bum lol...

Anyways fellow DA members i wish you luck in all
your current and future exploits! Godspeed DA ^_^

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